Welcome to the website for Netherham Farm, including the History Hut and ‘pop-up’ campsite at Low Ham.

Netherham Farm is a family farm in central Somerset. Today it is farmed by the Cook family, who have been on the farm for over one hundred years. In its rich and varied history the farm has also been the site of a Roman Villa, stately home, golf course and base for American soldiers in World War 2.

Today, you can explore its past at The History Hut, a converted WW2 Nissen Hut, and in the summer months you can stay at the campsite and explore and enjoy all it has to offer yourself.

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The Orchards – Winter restoration work 2020-21

There are 3 orchards on the farm, totalling just under 6 acres. Studies into the great houses that were present on the farm site up to the late 18th century clearly show the orchards as part of the estate and Baroque gardens, with “Walled” orchard and “Big” orchard listed as “Kitchen Garden” and “Bull Plott” on a map from 1799. It should … Continue reading The Orchards – Winter restoration work 2020-21

The History Hut

The History Hut is a converted World War 2 Nissen at Netherham Farm. Curated by Karen Cook, it is home to information and artifacts about local history, spanning from the Roman Villa found at the farm, up to World War 2. It also makes quirky venue with fantastic views towards the Tor and has a … Continue reading The History Hut

Community Heritage Access Centre Visit the History Hut

Volunteers from the Community Heritage Access Centre visited the History Hut on Wednesday  May 29th.  It was an interesting morning, and we learned a lot from chatting to them as they looked at the local history displays. The History Hut only opens on some weekends, but if any groups or clubs would like to visit, … Continue reading Community Heritage Access Centre Visit the History Hut

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